5D Conservation Plan

5D-ARCH-AID Conservation Plan

Pathology Documentation of Ano Syros

The above image depicts the pathology percentage (%) of buildings in Ano Syros

Conservation Moodboard

The Moodboard depicts the variables that were used for the Conservation Plan of Ano Syros based on the HERMeS Algorithm

Top 10 Buildings in need of immediate Conservation

Based on the results, the top 10 buildings (Pathology Grade ‘D’ and ‘E’) that need conservation/restoration in Ano Syros are the following:

Rating PositionBuildingLocationPhoto
1AK035 | Ktima ant.Nemet
3AK022 | Former City Hall
4KK031 | Residence
5AK021 | Residence
8AK058 | House of Proveleggios
9KK018 | Residence