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Project Partners
GEOSPATIAL ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 2006. Our team
consists of professionals with high level of technical knowledge and experience in management and development of spatial information (geoICT) solutions for various industries including among others Culture. Αt GET we have a clear sense of purpose, to “Make Location Matter” by offering our clients for their business processes a Common Operating – Geospatially based Picture (COGP). Our solutions leverage the transformative, innovative, and collaborative power of open source
and open data, encouraging the sharing and reuse of software solutions, knowledge, expertise
and data, to deliver better services that enrich society and focus on lowering costs to that society.
JGC was established on February 1st 1999 by C. Vagias (Dipl. Eng,
M.Sc Eng), I. Mougiakos (Dipl. Eng, M.Sc Eng), G. Billiris (Dipl. Eng, M.Sc EPDP). JGC S.A. elaborates
technologies in several engineering applications of modern society. JGC invests in research programs which combine state of the art equipment for Geoinstruments,
UAVs, Construction, GIS, Marine Surveying, Defense Geoinformation Products, Law Enforcement
and Laser Scanning applications, in Greece and neighbouring countries
Heritage Management e-Society (HERMeS)
The Heritage Management e-Society (HERMeS) is a newly
established non-for-profit organization aiming to record, rescue, manage, and disseminate the
tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage of a place in various forms by using information
technology and digital applications.
MONUMENTUM Association is a non-governmental
organization set up in 2012 acting in favor of safeguarding the built heritage from Romania. Even
from its setting up, the Monumentum Association undertook emergency actions in what concerns
the traditional buildings found in the rural area, up to present, managing to intervene for over
120 traditional houses. One of the most visible project of the association is Ambulance for
Monuments, it aims at raising awareness and supporting philanthropy in Romania.